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Samuel Groß
Pupyshev Nikita
Initial release16 Aug 2017 (2017-08-16)
Stable release
1.1 / 17 August 2017; 6 years ago
Operating systemiOS
Available inEnglish
WebsiteSiguza’s GitHub page

PhœnixNonce is an open-source combined nonce setter and APTicket dumper utility for 64-bit versions of iOS 9.3.4 and 9.3.5. It was released on 16 August 2017 as a pure nonce setter, with the APTicket dumping capability being added with version 1.1, released the next day, on the 17th. It is installed by side-loading an IPA using Cydia Impactor, and dumped tickets are retrieved using the app File Sharing functionality in iTunes.

Unlike Phœnix, PhœnixNonce is not a full-fledged jailbreak. All A5 users, as well as A6 users with saved blobs, can restore to iOS 9.3.5, meaning that there was a demand for a 32-bit jailbreak. Of the 64-bit devices, however, none can be restored to iOS 9.3.x, and as the number of users on 9.3.4 and 9.3.5 are ever decreasing, a full jailbreaking solution was not thought to be necessary. Users of 9.3.3 and older are covered by Pangu9, while users of 10.0 and newer are covered by yalu/yaluX and Saigon. The purpose of PhœnixNonce is to allow users who saved blobs for newer firmware to be able to restore using those blobs.

iOS 10.3.3 is no longer signed for most devices, rendering the tool useless for restoring them to iOS 10.x. It can, however, be used to restore to version 11.0 or higher. It might also be possible for users of A7 devices that started on iOS 7.0.x (including, most notably, the iPhone 5S and iPad Air) to restore using 10.2-10.3.3 blobs and a 10.3.3 OTA build manifest, since 10.3.3 is still OTA signed for these devices.

Version history[edit]

Version Date Changes
1.0 16 August 2017 Initial release
1.1 17 August 2017 Option for dumping APTicket added

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