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iPhone Configuration Utility (iPCU) is a tool for managing iPads, iPhones and iPod touches in corporate environments. There are versions for Mac OS X and Windows available, though Apple now points Mac users to their Apple Configurator. The iPhone Configuration Utility offers the following features:

Configuration Profiles

Configuration profile is a set of restrictions and/or settings that allow the device to work with corporate infrastructure and conform to the established IT policy. It can include email and Exchange accounts, Wi-Fi settings, digital certificates, passcode lock and password complexity requirements, etc.

For normal folks a feature of interest might be the ability to set custom APN (if their carrier bundle doesn't allow it to be changed in Settings) and configure proxy for cellular data. This may be necessary to get internet access on certain carriers without data plan.

Historically, configuration profiles were used by sites such as help.benm.at [Archived 2012-08-17 at the Wayback Machine] to enable tethering on carriers which did not support it officially.

Certificate Installation

On first launch iPCU creates a self-signed certificate in the Mac OS X keychain or Windows certificate store (run certmgr.msc and navigate to "ipcu" to view it). This certificate is then silently installed onto any iDevice that is connected to iPCU, and cannot be removed. Configuration profiles that are subsequently installed are signed with this certificate, which allows iDevices to validate profile authenticity.

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