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Original author(s)Chris Stroud
Developer(s)Chris Stroud
Initial release5 February 2009; 15 years ago
Stable release
1.01 / 28 March 2009; 14 years ago
Written inC#
Operating systemWindows
SizeWindows: 5.6 MBs [EXE]
Available inEnglish

redTool is a jailbreak that was announced on the iPod touch Fans community forum on February 5th, 2009 by user @crizh4x also known as Chris Stroud. redTool gives users an untethered jailbreak on the iPod touch (2nd generation MB) on 2.2.1. The releases were initially posted on the iPod touch Fans community forum. Eventually, all future releases were to moved the official blog.

A good portion of all versions and documentation relating to this tool have been lost to time.


Version Release Date Changelog
v0.96 Unknown
  • Added support for premade IPSWs
  • Fixed UI Bug with 2.1.1 IPSW Path
v0.97 Unknown
  • Added fixes for timer error when the counter changes
  • Added fix for iPod not completing boot and iPod not completing "pre-restore patching"
  • Addressed device status detection, .97 can detect HOW your device is connected
  • Addressed multithreading issue, when the app is closed, child sub-processes are killed
  • Added some UI tweaks for when the iPod is booted.
  • More automation added, now there is a true one-click boot.
  • Fixed bug with Auto-discovery of IPSW Files
v0.98 8 February 2009
  • Added patch for jailbreaking, now you may proceed to pre-patching and restoring step
  • Added statically linked redj0hnny binary, no more need for libusb (In testing)
  • Added various UI Fixes to repair glitches
v0.98.5 Unknown
  • Various fixes, DFU timer patches, awaiting feedback [FAILED]
v0.99 Unknown
  • Fixed various bugs that made the app not want to run properly, awaiting feedback.
v0.99.5 12 March 2009
  • Instead of a cmd window, I have a nice output log-style interface that is quite nice.
  • There is space for a progress bar under it, I'll have the progress bar implemented by 1.0.
  • Notice in the second shot that it automatically patches the IPSW and makes it "run rs" capable.
v1.0 28 March 2009 Unknown
v1.01 Unknown Unknown

Download Notes

"redTool now comes in a variety of flavors due to it’s functionality, which now covers more than just jailbreaking. redTool is offered in 3 formats. You can get in in .Rar and .Zip formats for those of you that like to keep things simple with no installation required, or you can get the new Installer version of redTool which will do a simple installation for those that want it to be a bit more traditional. The Installer may come in handy for those who don’t want to accidentally delete their logoManager libraries as well. Here are the links to the most current builds. All of which, now include the brand new redTool Updater."

System Requirements

  • Windows XP SP2+/Vista SP1+
  • Microsoft .NET 2.0 or higher
  • LibUSB
  • Original Apple 2.1.1 and 2.2.1 iPod touch firmware

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