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The Runner app icon.

Runner is an Apple retail tool for requesting the movement of products to/from a certain area of the store. The employees that fulfill these requests are called Runners.

The main screen of the FOH Runner application.


  • Customer Request - Request that an item be immediately delivered to the point-of-sale to complete a transaction.
  • Reverse Request - Request that an item be returned from the front-of-house (FOH) to the back-of-house (BOH).
  • Restocking Request - Request that BOH employees restock an item in the FOH.
  • Requests - View and edit request that have been made.
  • Quick List - Quickly view stock and make Customer Requests.
  • Reservation Pass - Reserve products for customers.


FOH and BOH devices are set up to submit and fulfill requests. BOH devices run a specialized version of Runner and remain unlocked at full volume during open hours to notify Runners.

FOH and BOH locations are set up prior to opening a store for the first time. FOH locations are places where products are run to, and BOH locations are where products are run from.

Available Runners can be viewed and edited within the app. If no Runners are available, requests will not be submitted and the employee will need to retrieve the product from BOH themselves.

If you are a Runner Admin, you can add and remove products from the Quick List based on supply and demand. You can also edit the Low Inventory Threshold (the point at which employees are notified that stock is low).

Reservation Pass functionality is only available to select employees or the whole store. Access is granted and revoked by the store manager.


If a request gets neglected by a Runner or is simply not fulfilled within an appropriate time period, the run request is reversed and the incident is reported to the manager. A short investigation involving the Specialist and the Runner is conducted. Such requests are called Aging Requests, and are recorded in Leader Board.