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The CameraFA Icon

CameraFA is an application seemingly used to test the camera of an iDevice. It was most commonly seen on older factory firmwares, but has been seemingly dropped altogether starting with the 6.x factory firmwares.

Upon launching the application, the user will be put into landscape mode and greeted with multiple things at once. The application displays score, "int", and macro at the top of the screen, below that is the Sensor and Capture button. The sensor button allows you to switch between the front and the back camera, with the application referencing the front camera as the device's camera's amount of megapixels and the front camera as "VGA." The capture button simply takes a photo. The "focus" bar below allows you to zoom in and out with the camera, and the menu bar brings you to another screen titled "Camera Settings". Here, you can choose whether you want the application to save the picture to a file or not. Lastly, the quit button kicks the user back to

Odd Behaviors

When opened on certain devices, CameraFA will put into a "respring" loop, leaving the user stuck on a spinning wheel until they hard reset. This is due to the target device lacking a front camera.

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