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Original author(s)Apple Inc.
Developer(s)Apple Inc.
Stable release
(latest known version)
Operating systemiOS
Available inEnglish
LicenseClosed source

BRAVE (officially called in the filesystem) is an internal application used by Apple employees to change the voice of iOS's built in voice assistant, Siri, through means other than going through the Settings app. BRAVE also provides more detailed information about the selected voice than the Settings app does. This information includes Voice, Gender, Name, Type, Internal Version, Vendor Version, and Server. There is also a Settings panel which contains a Show Phonemes toggle, which is enabled by default. Turning this setting on will show the underlying phonetic text after it is processed. This is an experimental feature and only works well in some languages. Within the Settings panel, employees also have the option to file bug reports, which are assumed to be sent to Apple's Siri Team. BRAVE is currently distributed on Self Service and App Shack, although it used to be available through Switchboard as well, before Apple fully replaced Switchboard with Self Service.


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