iCloud Support Tool

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The iCloud Support Tool is an Apple internal application used for troubleshooting and verifying AppleID and iCloud accounts.

Generally, it is only used by companies that have a direct contract with Apple involving the appropriate permissions to view and edit AppleID cases. Apple themselves have specific methods used to verify and edit this information directly, and very rarely concern themselves with AppleID cases unless Account Recovery is involved.

The iCloud support tool is normally accessed through the employee's AppleConnect login.

All information in the iCloud support tool is able to be shared or sent to the customer over the line, provided the customer can verify themselves as the account holder. This verification step is done within the tool itself, by the employee, with guidance from the customer via probing questions.

Some of the necessary information to verify yourself includes:

  • AppleID account/email
  • First/Last name
  • Typical login verification by security type (I.E. security question answers, device code, sms code, etc.)

To look up your account, the advisor can also find you via the following:

  • Device Identifiers (I.E. IMEI Number, Device Serial Number, etc.)
  • Phone Number
  • AppleID account/email
  • DSID

(In some cases, the case number can be relevant to assisting you in the support process while using the iCloud Support Tool.)