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The Sales Enablement, Education, and Development (SEED) app is a training app designed to help Apple Retail Sales Employees, Apple-authorized resellers, and other Apple sales partners improve their knowledge of the current lineup of Apple products, so that they can provide accurate and detailed information to customers who are asking about the different products. Access to SEED is invite-only per company, and requires the correct MyAccess permissions in order to log in. The icon contains three leaves overlaid onto a blue background. Inside SEED, there are numerous updates, announcements, videos, and even a monthly quiz directed at Apple Store employees regarding sales tactics and procedures. Users can even earn achievements that grant them experience points, which allow them to level up over time. SEED also has a web component, which can be accessed via Safari. This web component is located at, but can only be accessed if users have the correct MyAccess permissions and have signed in with their SEED account.

About SEED (Apple's Official Description)

The Sales Enablement, Education, and Development (SEED) app delivers sales and technical resources to Apple sales partners around the world. With SEED, you earn badges and experience points as you discover new content, follow guided learning paths, and stay up to date on Apple products, solutions, and services.

Getting Started
Use the instructions from your invitation to register for SEED. Be sure to register with the Apple ID you use for work. Then install the app, log in, and start learning.

When you're invited to an event, you can use SEED to register for the event, keep track of invitations, and complete any rework, postwar, quizzes, or surveys.

SEED is available to employees of Apple, Apple-authorized resellers, direct purchaser entities, and members of Apple-authorized organizations.


Screenshots are from version 5.5.

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