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ConferenceInternalSettings is an internal version of /System/Library/PreferenceBundles/ConferenceExternalSettings.bundle (FaceTime Debugging). This bundle is found on internal UI builds of iOS. Interestingly enough, the binaries for the "Internal" and "External" variants are nearly identical.

It provides all of the logging functionality of its "External" variant, while adding options for environment, networking, UI debugging, and various.


The bundle allows you to choose from three registration environments. These settings persist across FaceTime (Conference) and iMessage (Madrid).

Changing these settings kills all communication-related processes.

Core Functionality

This section has toggles for several miscellaneous preferences:

  • Entitle Non Wi-Fi - Allow calls on non-Wi-Fi connections.
  • Bypass Network Check - Bypass the network type check entirely.
  • Use Dark Blur Style - Doesn't seem to change anything cosmetically, may be version dependant.
  • Allow FaceTime Audio via Dialer - Allow the device to switch to FaceTime Audio while on a phone call.


This section lists debug information about registered Apple IDs and phone numbers.


This section allows the user to automatically answer incoming FaceTime calls. It requires an internal automation framework.


This section allows the user to kill communication-related processes individually, or all at once. It can also "nuke" any FaceTime related information in the keychain.

These processes include:


This section houses many internal debugging and logging settings.


This section allows the user to force the use of a TCP relay, override the device's NAT type, force Peer-to-Peer connection, and force the use of IPv6.