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This is a command line tool for macOS, which is used to interact with diags, specifically to provision Tristar.
This tool does not have a usage, and any arguments passed to it will be ignored. Once ran, the program will try and provision tristar.
A path to the DCSD Cable (for example, /dev/cu.usbserial-A0000000) in hardcoded into the executable, and therefore to change the path, the executable needs to be recompiled or patched.


It opens a serial port to the DCSD Cable, then it runs the following commands:

  • ver (shows version)
  • sn (shows serial number)
  • tristar --prov-status (shows provisioning status of the tristar)

After that, it runs the command tristar --provision, which is the commmand that actually provisions the tristar.
It then attempts to receive a provisioning request from diags.
If that is successful, then it sends data from JMET, which is a server which can only be accessed from the factory network.
Finally, if that was successful, it attempts to receive the provision status.
If all of those steps were successful, the program exits with exit code 0.