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AirTag, or AirTag (2021), is the first personal belongings locator device released in the AirTag series. The board configuration is B389AP and it uses the firmware identifier AirTag1,1.

It uses a Bluetooth Low Energy beacon to announce its presence to other Find My network devices, allowing those devices to submit its location to the Find My server. Should the device be lost, this allows for a roughly accurate location to be known, despite its small form factor and low-capacity CR2032 button cell battery. The device's owner is then able to use Bluetooth and ultra-wideband (U1) to locate the device with high precision. If an AirTag is found by a user other than its owner, it provides a near-field communication beacon that opens an Apple website containing the owner's contact details. The device additionally features a speaker to sound alert tones, and an IP67 ingress protection rating.