Apple TV (1st generation)

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Apple TV (1st generation)

The Apple TV (1st generation) was announced on 12 September 2006, and was made available for purchase on 21 March 2007. The model identifier is AppleTV1,1.

It was first announced under the name iTV at the September 2006 "It's Showtime" keynote, before being reintroduced as Apple TV at the Macworld 2007 keynote, alongside the iPhone. It is speculated that British broadcaster ITV plc requested the product name be changed to avoid confusion.

Application Processor

The Apple TV (1st generation) is an Intel x86-based PC, based on a 1 GHz "Crofton" Pentium M processor with spec number SL9YN [Archived 2010-11-02 at the Wayback Machine].[1] It is based on a 90 nm process, placing it in the same Intel generation as "Dothan". While the processor is known to have a front-side bus of 400 MHz, Intel confirms that it is underclocked to 350 MHz in the Apple TV.

The Intel CPU is paired with an Nvidia GeForce Go 7300 GPU, a 90 nm chip running over a PCIe x16 bus. Their functions, and those of other components, are integrated through the Intel 945GUX northbridge and 801GUX ICH7 southbridge.

The Apple TV (1st generation) hardware is unique, as its successors are based on an ARM platform, and run a variant of iOS.


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